Businessman Gets the Ms Universe Girl

Businessman gets the girl. Virgilio Hilario & his wife, the former Ms. Universe 1952, Armi Kuusela

Businessman gets the girl. Virgilio Hilario & his wife, the former Ms. Universe 1952, Armi Kuusela

Honeymooners Virgilio Hilario and his wife, the former Ms. Universe Armi Helena Kuusela, paid a visit at the Philippine Consulate sometime in 1953. They were on their honeymoon and were enroute to visit the US and Europe.

The following summary below, is from wikipedia [ ]:

“Twenty-nine contestants participated in the first Miss Universe pageant in 1952, held in Long Beach, California, U.S.. The pageant was held on 29 June 1952, and Armi Kuusela, as Suomen Neito, captured the crown. Born 20 August 1934, at her crowning she was only 17 years old. At the time she weighted 49 kg (108 lb), and her height was 1.65 m (5 feet 5 inches).

“Immediately after her winning there was a Finnish movie made of her, called Maailman kaunein tyttö (World’s most beautiful girl) where she acted herself, and Tauno Palo acted Jack Coleman (opposite role). It was directed by Veikko Itkonen, with writing credits going to Mika Waltari.[1]

“Even though a part of winning the pageant was a contract with Universal Studios, she chose not to take advantage of it after refusing the first part they chose for her (in a movie with Abbott and Costello) and arguing over the contract (by way of her sister Sirkka since she was a minor and did not speak English), probably because they suggested she should marry Tony Curtis to avoid issues with her work permit.

“Post-Miss Universe
On February 22, 1953 Armi took a journey round the world, during which time she met a Filipino businessman, Virgilio Hilario. Less than a year later after being crowned, on 4 May 1953 Armi chose to give up her Miss Universe crown before her year was complete to marry Hilario. They were married in Tokyo, but then lived in the Philippines where they had a family of five children:

“Arne Hilario, married with 3 children, lives in Chile
“Anna-Lisa De Gari, married with 2 children, lives in Spain
“Jussi Hilario, married, lives in Canada
“Eva-Maria Hess, married with 2 children, lives in California, U.S.
“Mikko Hilario, lives in the Philippines
“Their house located near Manila in a rich community called Forbes Park, on a street which was nicknamed “Millionaire Street”.

“She was also in one film in the Philippines around this time.

“Later life
“Virgilio Hilario died of a heart attack on 7 September 1975, and Kuusela married an American diplomat Albert Williams on 8 June 1978. First they moved to Barcelona, then to İzmir, Turkey before moving to La Jolla, a community in San Diego, California (two hours’ drive from Los Angeles).

“As of 2003, she and her husband were still living in San Diego. She is still active in her community, actively participating in charities and involved in cancer research at the Burnham Institute.”


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  1. Mr. Hilario looked dashing; it’s no wonder Armi fell for him. 😉

  2. filipina filipino…

    […]Businessman Gets the Ms Universe Girl « Through My Father’s Eyes[…]…

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